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Maxwell offers one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive trading platforms in the industry today. Our platform provides an unprecedented level of stability and responsiveness.  Users can access advanced charting tools and numerous technical indicators from the comfort of the trading platform. Also, traders using the Maxwell platform enjoy narrow spreads, plus you will also be provided with live-streaming quotes. 

Our clients will be able to customize their own trading strategies in order to align with individual risk tolerance levels and financial goals. Users can customize the interface in a variety of ways. Preferred assets and technical indicators can be presented on the screen where they can be quickly accessed. Interactive charts can display line charts, candlesticks, or bar charts.

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Additionally, our highly accurate trade signals can help enhance your trading results through the power of algorithmic trading. The trade signals can be tailored to your own personal needs and preferences.

The Maxwell Platform Advantages:

  • User-friendly interface with a smart, intuitive design
  • Large selection of asset classes available
  • Advanced charting tools available
  • A wide array of technical indicators
  • Expert advisors (EAs) available
  • Automated and customizable trade signals
  • Quick order execution with little latency

Maxwell - WebTrader

Dependable Platform, Intuitive Interface, Seamless Transactions

With the WebTrader platform, there is no downloading required since this effective trading platform is web-based. This means you can start trading immediately following the completion of the registration process, which should only take a couple of minutes. The WebTrader will offer a comprehensive set of trading features to help in analyzing price fluctuations in the markets. You will also have access to interactive charts, powerful technical indicators, and a variety of risk management tools. All trading features are available to enhance trading results at any time. Users can also access streaming news updates and can rely on seamless trade executions. You can be sure there will be very little latency while using our trade platform.

Maxwell - WebTrader

There are numerous, important advantages to the WebTrader platform:

  • No need to download any software and no updates required
  • Access to a wide array of tradable assets
  • Streaming price quotes in real-time
  • Advanced charting tools
  • Risk management features
  • Multiple languages available for customer service inquiries

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